About Galaxy Media

Galaxy Media is a premiere privately owned independent media group. With eight stations in Syracuse and five in Utica, we’re a dominant presence in the market.

Though radio will always remain at the heart of who we are, as the media landscape has changed drastically we’ve evolved with it to meet the needs of both our listeners and our clients. Galaxy Media also encompasses robust events planning, sports marketing, and digital media divisions, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to get their messaging out to a highly targeted client base.

What makes us different?

Unlike other companies in our industry, our offices aren’t spread all over the country. Though we put on highly successful events in various cities, we keep our offices close to home. Our local focus and private ownership allow us to be nimble. When you work with us, you’re not waiting for three weeks to hear back from corporate.

At our core we’re entrepreneurs, just like our customers.  We’re able to get creative in order to deliver the ideal client experience. From a prospective employee’s standpoint, this means that you’re joining a tight-knit group of driven individuals who are focused on the same goals.

On the programming side, we’ve got live, on-air personalities talking about issues impacting the community in which our listeners live. This fresh, local content can’t be faked or imitated, and it will always result in a unique bond between listener and station. We’re able to use that connection to deliver experiential marketing for our clients. We see ourselves as a valued partner for local and national businesses alike. We know what our listeners need and want, and we help clients deliver that directly to the people who are searching for it.

We work where we live

Our local focus is another major element that separates Galaxy from our competitors.  We run very little national programming, and every aspect of our company operates with the local consumer in mind. Whether it’s coming out of the speakers or it’s an event happening at a local venue in town, we want to create the ideal experience for people living in that city.

Our sports marketing division brings teams like Syracuse University Athletics, The Utica Comets, the Syracuse Crunch, The New York Yankees, the New York Mets, Utica College, the Buffalo Bills, and the New York Giants to local airwaves. Virtually all of Central New York can find their favorite teams games on our stations.

We live and work in Central New York so we know what’s best for this area and what benefits us all.

Our History

Galaxy Media was founded in 1990, and it’s safe to say that we’ve grown and changed significantly since we began. We started as one radio station operated out of the back of a diner in Frankfurt, New York and have grown significantly since then. While we may miss having easy access to French fries and burgers whenever we please, our state-of-the-art studios in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse and in downtown Utica allow us to create the highest quality programming for our listeners.

That first Galaxy station was created by former program director and on-air personality Ed Levine. It signed on the air on February 12th, 1990. It was called WKLL, named for Ed and wife Pam’s then-19-month-old daughter Lauren.

In 1993 we acquired stations in Syracuse, which included WKRL, WTLA, and WTKW. In 1994 our presence grew again in Utica, as we acquired what was at the time WRCK and WTLB and moved our studios to a facility in Washington Mills. In 1995 we added WTKV and WKRH in Oswego to our roster.

The new millennium brought about exciting changes for Galaxy; in 2001 we unveiled a beautiful new building situated in the heart of Armory Square.  Despite several challenging years for radio as a whole, Galaxy continued to move forward on a positive trajectory. In 2007 we bought out Clear Channel in the Utica market as we acquired WOUR and Mix 102.5. Fall of 2016 we celebrated the grand opening of brand new studios right in downtown Utica.

Though the studios we operate out of and the stations we own may have expanded and developed from when we began, the goals and visions of our company remain the same: to deliver a high quality, entertaining, locally-focused product to our listeners.