Syracuse Orange Fans Can Now Utilize New 24/7 SU Athletics Channel to Take Their Game-Watching to the Next Level

Much as we might bemoan it, life today revolves around multi-tasking. You’re hitting “send” on an email while eyeing your phone to see if that familiar text message ding requires an immediate response.

This mentality shapes how we spend our leisure time, too. You’re watching Netflix while simultaneously scrolling on Twitter or perusing Instagram. In fact, a new report from Neilsen shows that 45 percent of adults “very often” or “always” use a second screen while watching TV. Whether you’re watching a sitcom, a movie, or a sporting event, you’re probably looking at your phone while you do it. 

Anxious to meet our audience where they are, we recently partnered with Syracuse University to launch CuseSportsTalk, the first 24/7 Syracuse University Athletics channel on the platform Twitch. Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform that was originally created primarily for gamers but has since evolved to reach a broad audience. It’s free to join and it’s perfect for Syracuse Orange die-hards. 

Whether you’re a fan living in Cicero, Omaha, or San Diego, you can get your Orange fix whenever you want it simply by checking out CuseSportsTalk on Twitch. 

Orange fans who revel in the second screen lifestyle will love the channel’s “Watch Party” feature, available during select Syracuse basketball games. You’ll get the chance to see the completely unfiltered reactions of Orange legends like Eric Devendorf, Lawrence Moten, and Roosevelt Bouie as they watch the latest Cuse hoops matchup unfold in real-time. Admittedly, it’s much more interesting than having your best friend yelling in your ear next to you on the couch. 

The next Watch Party takes place during the Syracuse vs. Georgetown matchup this Saturday at 1 pm. It’s a can’t-miss. See you then and Go Orange!