June 27th, 2016 by Inside Radio

Radio stations have enjoyed a lengthy legacy of pairing their call letters with local concerts and national tours that roll through town. Today, however, stations have come to dig for—and mine—the off-air gold that comes with adding sponsorship and promotional opportunities to their own expanding portfolio of proprietary events. It’s redefining the breadth of “non-traditional revenue.”

Many broadcast groups now devote entire divisions to live events, while fashioning sophisticated campaigns that increase the bottom line with, at times, double-digit gains.

“Radio marketing has come a long way from hanging crooked banners on concert stages,” says Pam Levine, a consultant with Galaxy Events, an arm of Galaxy Communications, which owns 14 radio stations in Syracuse and Utica, NY. “Experiential marketing has become an important way for businesses to reach customers in our communities. There are situations where the advertiser will say, ‘We don’t want to do radio at this time,’ but we offer a menu of events which might be more in line with their goals. We’ve developed business relationships with event clients that we’ve been able to morph into radio advertisers over time, and vice-versa.”

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