Looking for ways to make your business make money, increase sales, grow, create top of mind awareness and target your exact potential customer?  Our new suite of advertising products can get your business’s name displayed on a wide range of sites, including Facebook and Instagram.  Below are some of the products we offer:

Display Advertising– Keyword Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, and Ad Network Targeting designed to target the exact audience you want to reach, to deliver the right message on the right device at the right time

Household IP Targeting– Matching IP addresses to your list of names and street addresses and showing your ad to only those people. Direct mail alternative for the Internet

Retargeting– Following people after they leave your website and showing them your ad across other websites

Video Retargeting– Targeting potential customers with a :15 or :30 video pre-roll ad which is the commercial that runs before the content plays

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Reputation Monitoring– Improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines

Mobile Conquesting– Using location based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach people on their mobile device

Facebook/Instagram/Facebook Audience Network– Targeting people across all devices on Facebook and Instagram in their NewsFeed or on Facebook Audience Network


The way we communicate is constantly changing, and radio is adapting with it.  On top of our digital suite of products we know that utilizing social media, our station websites, podcasting, and other platforms helps us to connect with our listeners on a deeper level, while further enhancing our stations’ branding inside our community. Regardless of our listeners’ preferred platform, we’re there ready to engage with them. Tweet us. Send us a Facebook message. We’ve got it covered. We actively partner with our clients in a digital-focused dialogue too, allowing them to go where their customers and potential customers are spending their time. We understand the power of all things digital, and are glad to help our clients learn how to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape.

While we always keep the focus on creating entertaining on-air programming on all of our stations, we seamlessly integrate digital components into everything these stations do, from how our on-air talent delivers content to how we brand ourselves within the community. As a result of carefully planned and researched strategies, we’ve enjoyed significant success with these efforts.

Today, Galaxy stations boast:

A loyal audience via streaming and on-demand content

KROCK’s “The Show” has a rabid fan base, but many of these individuals can’t listen to the morning show in its entirety as it airs live. The creation of a morning show podcast allows “The Show” fans to timeshift, so they can listen to that day’s show in full at their convenience simply by downloading the podcast. The response to this podcast has been stunning. Specialty programming such as TK99’s Blue Moon Café is available on demand, and ESPN listeners can check out that day’s local sports interviews whenever it’s convenient for them.

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